Monday, September 19, 2011

A Stunning Announcement

Announcement! Oh, the announcement!
We are so very, very tired.

Doomwench: Dear loyal, stunning readers, dearest sunflowers,

Wren: Our little cupcakes, even.

Doomwench: Things at Girl on Book Action are changing – dramatically. After many months of posting twice a week, Wren and I are...well, tired.

Wren: Also: tired of being productive and writing a review a week (life is so hard).

Doomwench: This week, we will be reminiscing about past reviews, highlighting what we thought were the best and worst books and movies we’ve brought to your attention. After these posts we will be switching to a once a month podcast format. I know, you’re sad that you’ll only get one dose of us a month, but you’ll get to hear our voices!

Wren: Plus: Say goodbye to massive walls of text.

Doomwench: The first podcast, in which we tell you all about The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities will be available to assault your ears next week.

Wren: Followed by a Halloween Spooktacular in October (which will be totally different than the monster-fest that this blog usually is).

Doomwench: Now, both Wren and I are creatures of habit, so you’ll likely still get the occasional review from each of us. I for one still intend to finish my quest to read The Dark Tower series and I’ll definitely still share my thoughts on that. As part of the change in format, you may also start seeing some changes on the site in the coming weeks. Just a general decluttering and some further organization. A good fall cleaning to prepare us all for a long, cloudy winter.

Wren: Because winter is coming, Doomy.

Doomwench: Well yes, for once it's ACTUALLY coming. We've loved entertaining you with our massive text wall and hope all of you enjoy our podcasts.

Wren: Which will be much easier to consume while doing the dishes or on the bus. So enjoy our self-congratulatory retrospectives this week and have a look back on Wednesday next week for the podcast.

Drawing courtesy of Doomwench
Doomwench: I’m sure that your listening habits will be just as loyal as your reading habits have been. Thank you!


  1. Podcast! Well this gives me something else to listen to. I can't wait to hear the first episode.

  2. Well then, wish granted:

    That's the podcast we did ages ago when trying to figure out how podcasting works.

  3. And so we have our first loyal listener hooked already!

  4. Count me in! I think at least once every podcast you should rant about noobs standing in fire. Will make it feel like old times...

  5. since i love both of your seductive voices, i can hardly wait to have them paired with your witty insights and opinions. also doomwench, you have again produced a spectacular work of art.

  6. @Jeff I miss telling noobs not to stand in the fire. And I miss being the irritating rogue who stood in the fire anyway 'cause damnit - I needed to stab stuff!

  7. @zombiemom You flatter us too much! And that scribble? Pshaw, it's not that good. *wink*

  8. i'm bummed, this is one of the few blogs i actually enjoy reading