Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Girl on Book Action: Sexy Bookshelves, Installment 2

It's that time again, my sunflowers!  Time for another post showcasing delicious, sexy bookshelves.  This month, you get to see one, yes only one, of my very own shelves.  To assist me in telling you about my shelves, I've recruited the ever-lovely Morrigan and my sadistic paramour, Pinhead.

Here you see the top two shelves, and you may notice that the shelf actually begins with the letter "Do."  That's because "A-Da" are on a different shelf.  As you can see, Morrigan disapproves -12 of my collection of LKH novels, and well, she's right to do so.
 The bottom two shelves are less embarrassing to share with the general public, but their contents led to a duel between Pinhead and Morrigan - both wanted to claim the delicious and unsettling works of Caitlin R. Kiernan for themselves.  I can tell you - it was a bloody, horrific battle and neither of them won.  Thankfully, none of the books were harmed.
 My cat decided to make an appearance in the pictures!  Her expression clearly states "Wow, you sure are a crazy lady!"  Not only can you see the whole shelf in this picture, you can also see parts of the "to-be-read" table.  Also, Pinhead has claimed the higher ground, while Morrigan roams the lands of Katharine Kerr and Caitlin R. Kiernan, turning irritating former templars into toads when the need arises (no, neither Katharine Kerr nor CRK write about templars).

One last picture, taken this week to show how the shelf has been reorganized recently.  Look at all that empty space waiting to be filled up!  I best go do some reading.

If you'd like to see your very own sexy shelves here, please do send them to us (girlonbookaction at gmail dot com).  We need our fix, you know!

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