Friday, June 10, 2011

Announcement: Upcoming Guest Post by Dindrane!

Well, my little sunflowers, we once more bring you a guest post! And, breaking with tradition, this time we found an actual for-real girl to write a review, rather than putting more boys into dresses (as much fun as that is, we are GIRL on Book Action).

I also have a confession to make. Wren and I have been talking about what our next book / movie crossover review should be and Dracula kept popping up in our list of possibilities. Now, my dear daffodils, I ... am not a fan of Stoker's novel. So, rather than depriving you of the wonder that is Dracula, I found someone to read that boring, ill-constructed drivel! It's a win-win-win really.

Alas, without much further ado, let me tell you a little about our illustrious guest blogger. She sent us this blurb (written by her friend) to whet your appetites:

Dindrane is a writer, scholar, translator, professor and freelance classicist for hire. When she is not assisting the animal kingdom in the overthrow of humanity, she reads. She has, in fact, read more books than you. Do not test her on this. When she is not reading, she is serving as Minister of Anime and Manga Studies at Need Coffee Dot Com. She lives and works in North Alabama and is under the misguided assumption she is boring.


  1. May I point out that I did *not* write that blurb for myself? >_>

  2. Yes!

    In fact, shall I edit it to clarify that while you sent it to us, someone else wrote it for you? Which is really what I should have said to begin with, but alas, alack and all that.