Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Girl on Book Action: Sexy Bookshelves!

Every so often we here at Girl on Book Action like to do something new to jar you out of your regular routine of reviews.  Personally, I'm hoping that this will become a semi-regular feature in these parts, as there is little that titillates me more than sexy bookshelves (I mean...*sigh* never you mind!).

First, we have the shelves of none other than Handsome Dan from Down Under, whom you might remember from his excellent guest review of Xombi (clicky here to have a look-see).

He writes:

As you can see my Bookshelf acts like a shrine to nearly every nerd aspect. Video Games, Comics, Books, Movies and Role Playing games.

Included amongst the various documents and footage files are toys that I've accumulated over the years. Highlights would be a plush Count Von Count and a Chibi Freddy Krueger.

This bookshelf just screams, "Help I need a life!"

I, Doomwench, disagree with that last statement, but perhaps I'm not the best judge of that.

Next, the enviable shelves of our good friend Jen (you can find her blog Suburban Pagan on the side bar or clicky the name):

I don't think this particular set of shelves needs a blurb.  Just stare in envy as I'm doing right now, readers.

*happy sigh*  Are you ready for more?  Because I certainly have more to show you.

The lovely Mallory sent us these treasures:

Wonderful, aren't they?  Hark, I think I hear the sound of contentment emanating from book lovers everywhere.

Now, don't you wish you could have your own shelves on display?  To have people salivating about your overflowing bounty?  Or fainting at the pristine organization of your most prized possessions?  Well, fear not!  We would love to see your own arrangements!  You can e-mail them to us at any time (the higher res the better for proper ogling), with or without blurb (though you risk me blurbing for you) and we'll include them in the next titillating sexy bookshelf post.

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