Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boy of the Month - Ewan McGregor

Where you know him from:
  1. He was that douchebag on "Trainspotting"
  2. He was young Obi-Wan Kenobi in the horrible Star Wars prequels
  3. He was Christian the Penniless Poet in "Moulin Rouge!" (I'm not shouting... the name of the movie includes the exclamation point. Gotta love Baz Luhrmann!)

Why I think he's dreamy:

I can pin down the start of my one-way love affair with Mr. McGregor precisely to March 24th, 2002. The day before had been a group birthday party for me and two of my bestest girlfriends, and lots of people stayed the night. The next morning, all the girls watched Moulin Rouge (while the boys did something else for fear of contracting estrogen poisoning or something.) As soon as I heard dear Ewan open his mouth and sing, I fell madly, deeply in obsession with him.

(This scene still gives me chills.)

I had actually seen our boy in many films previous to this, but never really paid attention to him until that precise moment. Of course then I went on a Ewan-watching binge, and watched everything I could get my hot little hands on starring my new love.

Ewan is currently number two on my top five list, and only that low because of my complete and utter devotion to Mr. David Tennant (both of whom are Scottish. And adorable. Notice a trend?) There is something about Ewan though, something mischievous about his eyes, something playful about his demeanor, that is powerfully attractive to me. He is also quite a good little actor, if given material that's worth a damn. And, sometimes even not then... I still think he was the best part of the horrible Star Wars prequels, especially in "Revenge of the Sith". (The tag line for that should have been "New Star Wars: Now with Actual Acting!")

Another fun thing about Mr. McGregor is he seems to have no problem doing full-frontal nude scenes. He appears to be quite proud of his bits, and, may I say, with good reason. See below for some of my favorite films starring Ewan's tender bits.

Recommended Viewing:

If you have seen the previously mentioned films and are hungering for more Ewan, I am just the person to recommend some movies for you! First, let's go way back to 1994 and a wicked little darkly comedic thriller called "Shallow Grave", which stars Ewan and his lovely hair.

Next you'll want to move right along to 1998's "Velvet Goldmine", a Todd Haynes flick based loosely on real events during the early glam rock stage of the 70's. In addition to Ewan, this film also stars Christian Bale and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, with a cameo by Eddie Izzard. Seriously, why haven't you already seen this??? Be warned that there are some fairly graphic bits and lots of nudity, especially the part my hubby likes to describe as the "Obi-Wan is f%*#ing Batman" scene.

The last of the more obscure Ewan films I would recommend is "The Pillow Book". It's a moody drama centered around body-painting, a harmless fetish taken, in this case, to its artistic extreme. The film is a sensual exploration into the nature of sensuality, literature, love and revenge. Also, there is a really long scene of Ewan wandering about nude. In context, it is not particularly titillating, so here is an out-of-context picture for you to ogle.

My "guilty pleasure" Ewan film is "Down With Love", because I love the old romantic comedies that this movie pays homage to, and also, because David Hyde Pierce is hilarious in it.

In Conclusion:
Don't mind me, I'll be over here watching The Pillow Book and Velvet Goldmine again.

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