Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Announcement: Upcoming Guest Post By Shawn O'Rourke

It's a link heavy week here at Girl On Book Action as Doomwench went out into the wilderness to do a guest spot at one of our brother blogs the Uncertain Future of the Printed Word (a fair and balanced look at the books/e-readers controversy). You can find her biased (oh I kid) but beautifully written piece here. We decided (after great debate because over our writer's room door there is a no boyz allud sign) to ask Shawn to do a guest review for us. He kindly agreed to dress in drag while writing it so as not to entirely throw off our written by women atmosphere. He is, to steal a joke from Matt Elser (of ElserArt) our guest *ahem* member.

A (very) little info about Shawn to whet your appetite for the guest blog (posting August 20th): Shawn O'Rourke currently teaches in the Speech Communication Department at Orange Coast College and writes reviews on comic books for the website Popmatters.


  1. I approve of all of this crossover business. it's neat!

  2. Worlds are clearly colliding, I fear the deaths of some of our best loved characters.