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The Men of Interview with the Vampire

I first saw "Interview with the Vampire" in the theater in 1994. I've considered myself an aficionado of horror literature since fourth grade, when I first discovered Edgar Allen Poe. So of course I was deep into my Anne Rice phase by the time her novel was adapted to the screen. While watching the film again for the first time in at least a decade, I found myself remembering my impressions of the movie the first time I saw it, along with my rather different thoughts now. As such, for this review, I thought it best to give you both accounts.

Christian Slater

1994 opinion

Oh my God, Christian Slater is adorable. I loved him so much in "True Romance", and "Pump up the Volume". Also "Heathers"! I watched "Gleaming the Cube" about eight million times. Isn't it funny how I used to have such a thing for skater boys? ;p Anyway, Christian is very cute in this movies in his nerdy glasses. Ew, he smokes in this movie.

2010 opinion

"Interview" is probably the last thing I actually enjoyed Mr. Slater in. In 1998 he starred in "Very Bad Things", after which I think he lost my good opinion forever. Still, he was pretty cute in his nerdy glasses in this movie. Except for the smoking, ew.

Brad Pitt

1994 opinion

Brad Pitt looks weird in this movie. And what sort of strange accent is he trying to do? Well, at least he looks attractive in the early flashbacks. He's very pretty, but not really my type, and not a particularly good actor. Also, is he wearing red lip gloss?

Current opinion

Brad Pitt has never been my type, although I will admit that he was handsome in "Interview", and still handsome today. He's a little too all-American, cocky and overconfident for my taste. In "Meet Joe Black", my favorite scene is when he gets hit by a car. Still, at least his acting has gotten better, or he's become better at choosing roles that fit his style. And since he did create the iconic vision of Tyler Durden on screen in "Fight Club", I do have some warm and fuzzy feelings for him.

Antonio Banderas

1994 Opinion

Hottie. But he looks weird in this movie.

2010 Opinion

Hottie. Luckily he has that amazing voice, because he looks weird in this movie.

Stephen Rea

1994 Opinion


2010 Opinion

Oh, at last a real actor. A real man. The fact that they gave the star of The Crying Game this small, sad little part is an insult. Probably they didn't want to make Mr. Pitt look too bad by making him play opposite a pro-fessional for too much of the movie.

Tom Cruise

1994 Opinion

He's dreamy. Seriously, he hasn't looked this good since "Legend". And he's awfully gay in this movie, and I mean that in the nicest, sexiest possible way. Sure, in parts of the film he's a dessicated monster, but he gets better. I think he's probably the best looking guy in this movie, and that's saying a lot!

2010 Opinion

Sigh. I want to look at 1994 Tom Cruise and find him entrancing. And while he was stunningly handsome in this movie, I find it difficult to just go with it. It takes quite a lot to make an actor's personal life affect my perception of his work, but unfortunately, Mr. Cruise found the line, crossed it, and then put up a sign saying he'd crossed it. I see his crazy and cruel portrayal of Lestat, which I had thought to be quite decent acting at the time, and just imagine that's what he's like in his private life. So thanks, Mr. Cruise, for being bat-poop crazy enough to make me not enjoy looking at a cute boy. It's a first for me.

In conclusion:

Both 1994 me and 2010 me agree that while "Interview with the Vampire" was not a perfect book to film adaptation, it is certainly full of cute boys. And we both wish that River Phoenix had been alive to play Christian Slater's role, though we certainly think it was sweet of Mr. Slater to donate his salary to charities that Mr. Phoenix had endorsed during his lifetime.

(River Phoenix, August 23, 1970 – October 31, 1993)

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