Monday, February 1, 2010

A Sexy Statement:

An announcement and some general words by your Literary Master Doomwench (of the Girl on Book Action book reviews) and her Dashing Partner Wren (of the Weeks Too Late movie reviews):

Well, now that you’ve all had a chance to see our styles and enjoying our opinions, we thought we’d provide an introduction of sorts rather than just letting our work speak for itself. So here, without further ado, let us give you our mission statement, our mantra, our manifesto of meaning!

Doomwench: I really do love books more than I love most people. If there was a fire and I had to pick between saving you or saving an armload of books, you might find yourself without a helping hand. Unless the pile of books is something offensive to my highly refined tastes and book-snobbery.

My intention? Well, my intention is to try to motivate you to go read a book, of course. Call me a pedant, old-fashioned, a supporter of destroying forests, whatever you like, but I think books are important and that reading is a healthy habit, healthy for your brain – you want to taste yummy when the zombie apocalypse happens. And if I can’t get you to actually go out and find copies of the books I review, I want to at least entertain with my long-winded, verbose accounts of my opinion on various tomes.

I also want to shed light onto some books that I think people should be reading. It’s my attempt to support the authors who have made life more bearable with their words. Of course, sometimes, I’ll be disappointed in a book and you should all be disappointed with me.

Really, it’s a way for me to impose my opinion on other people, whether that is done for good or ill. It’s my own personal literary (ha!) soap box!

Wren: Not one moment can pass in the day where I’m not entertaining myself. Because of this I have a voracious appetite for books and movies. Because I can’t be trusted not to wander off and ignore everyone for video games Tuesday night became movie night with the gang. I found myself coming home bursting with a need to tell everyone what I thought of the latest flick. I started by doing this on Twitter, but 140 characters wasn’t nearly enough space for me to blah blah blah in.

I also noticed I was reading a lot of blogs and comics by various people, being extremely entertained, and not giving back one tiny bit of entertainment. It’s quite possible nothing has changed on that front. I fear I have developed the creative attention span of the common earth worm (video games again). So, as a point of pride, and to prove I can do it, I’m determined to write a review a week (while trying to be funny).

We both hope that you've been enjoying the reviews thus far and that you'll throw the occasional comment or fluff our way .

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