Saturday, February 13, 2010

Girl on Book Action: Reader's Choice Poll #2

New “What Should Doomwench Read Next?” Poll Candidates

In order to assist you in voting I thought I’d write a little bit about each of the books I’ve put up as candidates this time around. Please take the time to vote! Tell me what to do – it doesn’t happen often that people get the option to do so. The poll will be open until midnight on Friday, February 19th.

Mauve Desert – Nicole Brossard:

This book is the “re-read” for this poll. I first read it in a class about feminist writing a few years ago and was really smitten with the story and the writing, sort of a new-age Romanticism. It’s one of those “story within a story” books, with multiple layers of narrative that I like so much.

We – Eugene Zamiatin

We is my “fiction and literature” selection. It’s been on my to-be-read pile for some time, dating back toa period when I read a lot of utopian / dystopian fiction. This particular novel is “recognized as the inspiration for George Orwell’s famous 1984” according to the back cover. It was also never published in the Soviet Union due to political censorship.

Fledgling – Octavia E. Butler

Something I picked up because the name Octavia E. Butler kept popping up in my meanderings around the internet. It’s a vampire novel, so right up my alley. And, as stated in the “About the Author” section at the back of the book she “was the first black woman to come to international prominence as a science fiction writer.” Sadly, she passed away in February 2006, but it seems like an appropriate month to include her work on this little poll of ours.

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