Sunday, March 6, 2011

Boy of the Month: Adam Scott

Where you know him from:

1) As "Henry" on "Party Down"
2) As "Ben" on "Parks and Recreation"
3) As "That douchey guy" on "Step Brothers"

Why I think he's dreamy:

I don't actually know why. There is something about his cute, scrunched up face and sardonic way of speaking that simultaneously hits my "adorable" and "snarky" receptors in a quite appealing way, I suppose.

I came upon Mr. Scott one weekend, when, looking for something to half-pay-attention-to while working on some craft projects, I found "Party Down" available to view instantly on Netflix. I then accidentally watched all of Season One that weekend, and Season Two the next. While weeping uncontrollably (well, sniffling a bit) for the lack of a Season Three, I discovered that Adam was in the more recent episodes of "Parks & Recreation", so I started watching that series, waiting with bated breath for my new boy to show up. Sigh.

Whatever it is about this guy that makes me swoon, I want to bottle it as cologne and spray it liberally on every guy I know. If I were writing and starring in a romantic comedy, this is the gentleman I would choose as my love interest. He's jumped RIGHT to the top of my
Top Five List.

Recommended Viewing:

If you haven't watched "Party Down", I highly recommend it. He also did a great job playing a teacher in an episode of "Veronica Mars". He's also had interesting bit parts in "Knocked Up", "Six Feet Under", and "The Aviator".

Also, this:

NOT Recommended Viewing:

Do not watch "Monster-In-Law" just because he's in it. He plays a sort of "wacky ambiguously gay neighbor" character and he's not in it enough to bear the whole rom-commy-ness of the whole mess. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you attempt to watch "The Return", which I recorded from the Lifetime Movie Channel because it popped up in my TiVo WishList for Adam Scott. Unless you like vague supernatural "thrillers" that make no sense, in which case, go right ahead.

Important Note:

Apparently there is a golfer named "Adam Scott". So if you are looking for pictures of an adorable actor, and not a guy swinging a club, I recommend you add "-golf" to your search.

In Summation:

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