Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boy of the Month: Tim Roth

Where you know him from:
  1. The better recent "Hulk" movie
  2. That "Lie to Me" show on Fox
  3. "Pumpkin" on Pulp Fiction
Why I think he's dreamy:

First of all, I know what you're thinking. Sure, Mr. Roth would more properly be called the "Man of the Month", but I'm not changing the name of the column now. But if I were to change it for anyone, oh boy, it would be Tim Roth. He is 5' 7"of ALL MAN.

I first became aware of Mr. Roth while watching "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover". It is still one of my favorite movies, and while Tim Roth's performance was wonderfully brutish (as was called for in the role), he is only a small reason why I enjoy the film. Still, it did put him on my radar. His appearance in "Reservoir Dogs" cemented him as one of my favorite living actors.

While most of the male celebrities I enjoy tend to be a little "girly", at least according to my friends, Tim Roth does not fit that mold. This is less a giggly schoolgirl-type crush, and a more animal sort of instinct. Something about this man makes me think that if you were to go to bed with him, he would rip you apart and make you like it. Also, he has gorgeous tattoos. Now pardon me for a moment while I recover on my fainting couch.

Recommended viewing:

If you haven't see the aforementioned "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover", I highly, highly recommend it. Helen Mirren and Michael Gambon are fabulous in it, and the costumes and set design are amazing. Though I find it difficult to belief anyone with an interest in film would have skipped "Reservoir Dogs", let me take this opportunity to remind you to add it to your Netflix queue if you have not.

I'd also recommend "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead", a film that occurs, as it were, in the "background" of Shakespeare's "Hamlet". It's an interesting metaphysical interlude in which Roth stars as Guildenstern, and the wonderful Gary Oldman plays Rosencrantz (or is it the other way around?)

If you have mor
e main-stream tastes, check him out as the Abomination in the more recent of the two recent "Hulk" films. As for his television show "Lie to Me", if you like "House", you will probably like it. (Yes, I like them both, but I have a thing for emotionally and/or physically crippled geniuses, so take that under consideration.)

In Summation:
As one of the better actors I have featured in this column (if not the best), Tim Roth has an interesting body of work should you want to study him further. Though he has appeared in some clunkers (the awful Tim Burton "Planet of the Apes", the useless American remake of "Funny Games", it's never his performance that causes those movie to fail artistically. And he does appear to have a bit of a sense of humor, as seen in the "Brostitute" faux documentary.


  1. i soooooooo agree with you....i love tim roth...i'm so crazy about him that everytime i see him on lie to me,and he says"luv" in that oh-so-hot accent,i almost melt in my seat...he's just got such an air of fiery,raw passion around him and those eyes can kill with a single stare...i want him so bad...:-(

    great post,loved it.have a wonderful day.

  2. and i forgot to say in the above comment,my friends say that since i'm only a 17 year old girl,i am too young to have a crush on him,but come on,it's almost impossible to resist a man who's that delicious!!!;-)