Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boy of the Month: DAVID TENNANT

Where you know him from:

1) Doctor Who

2) Doctor Who

3) Seriously people, he was DOCTOR WHO!

Why I think he’s dreamy:

David Tennant is a tall drink of skinny, gawky, geeky goodness. I was introduced to Mr. Tennant’s work by a friend who forced me to watch the premiere episode of the third season of the new Doctor Who. I protested vociferously, previously being vocally anti-Who in all incarnations. However, the first glimpse of the charming man in “Smith and Jones” caused me to forget all about my long-held Who prejudice. His acting on the show was wacky and wonderful, and, most importantly, he was wearing a pair of red Chuck Taylor’s. Boys in Converses are basically catnip to me, and so I was well and truly hooked.

These are the shoes.

As soon as I could get to my computer, I added the first and second season of Doctor Who to my Netflix queue. While I found Christopher Eccleston to be a perfectly lovely Doctor, David Tennant’s portrayal of the character, with his depths of sadness and manic leaps of joy, completely endeared him to me as an actor. And the fact that he is incredibly easy to gaze upon does not hurt matters, either.

Other reasons I adore Mr. Tennant include:

  1. He’s Scottish
  2. That hair
  3. How adorable he is in glasses
  4. His voice
  5. According to the repository of all knowledge (Wikipedia), at the age of three he decided that he wanted to be an actor because he loved Doctor Who so much. If that’s not the textbook definition of a “fanboy”, I don’t know what is.

What is he doing with his hands?

Recommended Viewing:

If you live in Britain, you should have seen David in everything from Takin' Over the Asylum to Blackpool. While many of these series are not available on DVD in the United States, some are available to watch on a certain popular video sharing website. I highly recommend attempting to find Learners, where he plays a heart-meltingly sweet and geeky driving instructor, and Recovery, where he takes on the dramatic role of a man recuperating from debilitating brain injuries.

If you need to add to your David Tennant DVD collection, you may want to check out the BBC production of “Casanova”, which is silly and not particularly historically accurate, but it is lively and colorful and… has David Tennant in it. You may also want to check out Secret Smile, which is not a fabulous piece of theater except for David’s performance as a right bastard. I’m also going to heartily recommend the 2009 Royal Shakespeare Company version of Hamlet, with David in the titular role and Jean-Luc Picard Professor Xavier Patrick Stewart as Claudius. It's an interesting production of the play, and 180 minutes of David Tennant (and his bare feet) is well worth watching. Lastly, you may already have a film with our boy in it, if you own Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, in which he gives a brief and utterly creeptastic portrayal of Barty Crouch, Jr.


In short…

Homina homina homina!


  1. *sigh* iSn't he just to DIE for?!

    What a complete cutie. And he seems to be an absolutely wonderful person, too, I don't think anyone who's actually worked with him (rather than the odd rabid Who fans who seem to want to criticise him) has a bad word to say.

    And what an actor!

  2. I'm a Who fan and he's the best and hottest Doctor EVER!!!